I mentioned the WGT game on steam in the chat. Its free, its pretty fun to play, its somewhat realistic.

BUT what I made this thread about is the actual game. Been hitting balls for 25 years. Don't get to do it often. 25 years trying to cure the slice. Never once did I think about moving closer to the ball. I can't go into the hospital with my wife for her tests and treatments for cancer. So I got to find something to do, wandering around Lowes, other tool places always leads me to buying stuff I don't really need.

So I went to a driving range, I store my clubs in the truck so they are always there. Cheap set of Dunlop clubs/walmart clubs I bought back in the 90's that I've added some clubs to including a Jack Nicklaus 1 iron and a Fuzzy Zoeller 2 iron. 1rst day there at the range not really doing anything but hitting balls, finally decide if you're here you can at least try to fix some things. First day I tried a different back swing, it helped a little bit.

SECOND DAY, I moved closer to the ball, 6 inches maybe. Suddenly my shots do not slice, had to adjust stance of course, standing straighter mostly. Never hit another slice, driving the club into the ground did happen now and then cause it takes some getting used to being that close. Hit a 250 yd drive which I had never done, not strait anyway.

Get done go into the club shop taking my bucket back. Tell the guy about it and he says "yeah, you never know what its going to be", then says maybe a lesson or two would have helped a long time ago. I tell him I'm just an old chicken plant worker and there's many things wrong with my body that lessons aren't going to fix LOL.

Anyway I felt like writing something so I wrote this, don't know if any of you play the game or not.