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    Race Room Experience and Corona Virus

    Far as I know its still a free game though I've bought some tracks an cars.

    WTF would anyone think if we gathered up, those who want to anyway, and raced on a saturday now and then? They have rank multiplayer, how the rankings work I don't know but who gives a damn if its just some of us playing against us and some AI? Like I said its still free, get on TS or Discord and set up a race on a server one of us set up.

    Okay, everything else: F ing corona virus, would kill me quick if I get it, would kill many of the older members of WAW. I have read it has a piece of the AIDS virus in it, meaning engineered by the Chicoms, so the second time you get it,,,, you die. Who knows if thats true, ya know, I hate commies but I just have a hard time thinking they did that. Sure commies are bad but damn. Maybe thats BS, who knows

    Fauchi or however his name is spelled went on about how the US government is not setup to do testing quick, by the way he talked he's been fighting awhile on this, he's 79. Thing is we aint needed it since 1918 except for some crap that happened during Obama and yeah it killed 12k of us but it wasn't so bad that they had to crap their pants over it. I know my ideological allies are mad at me for saying that but its true, no one thought those viruses during Obama were that bad.

    This one has a pretty high kill rate on second infection, like 80%, real bad for us old ****ers so I have to be careful like Melvin and Buzz, old ****ers who still come here now and than.

    Okay, what the hell bothers me about WAW in many ways is that the old guys do not come by. Hate me? fine. I couldn't care less, I think I've shown I stay out of others conversations. Why the hell wouldn't you talk to others that you do like at WAW? Think others you may not like might intrude? Damn, I can ignore many things but some cain't I guess. Maybe I haven't but I think I have established CAIN'T as a word in the last 10 years, at least here at WAW.

    Love yall, its been a wild ride since 2007, I got here at the end of the greatest or worst campaign, depending on who you ask, and I did what some considered one of the best camps, the US V the Soviets. I know I had a great time in all of them.

    Okay I go back to the beginning, it would be great if some of us old and young played Race Room Experience, it would be even better if someone, besides me, set up a server at home for some of us to play on. Yeah I think I could do it, kinda, but you wouldn't want to play on it. Okay I said that but they have servers I think we could just join.

    I'm not sick, just worried and freaking out a bit cause I do that more now that I got older. Damn thing is, no one at WAW is really all that young and it bothers me.

    Love you ****ers, even the old commies like Gym Bo and others.
    Kissinger Quote "The superpowers often behave like two heavily armed blind men feeling their way around a room, each believing himself in mortal peril from the other, whom he assumes to have perfect vision.
    Over time even two armed blind men in a room can do enormous damage to each other, not to speak of the room."

    Josey Wales: When I get to likin' someone, they ain't around long.
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    The camps I remember being in. Maybe some others, I was drinking, I was on the moon with Steve.

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    Re: Race Room Experience and Corona Virus

    Never heard of race room, but in light of this silly virus shutting down everything for a while all the pro racing drivers are competing in E sports events on iRacing (and a few other platforms).

    We mostly have races on Saturdays for us in the lower levels of the sport, while the pros are getting full TV coverage of their E races on Sundays.

    I race in the SCCA Hoosier tour on iRacing. If anyone is interested in getting into it or less competitive version let me know. Been spending a ton of time sim racing to keep sharp for when the real race season resumes. And occasionally driving the race car in the canyons to do some tests, lol.

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