Titans beating Ravens, I didn't think you could play like the old Miami Dolphins and win games in the playoffs. Titans have 83 yards passing. This is two games with less than 100 yards passing in a row. Of course it really helps to have Derek Henry or Larry Csonka to do this. In Miami's case they also had Mercury Morris and Jim Kiick. If you crowded the inside to stop the two big guys well they'd pitch it to Morris and he'd out run everyone.

I hate the fact that Lamar is not going to make the Super Bolw.

I also hate the fact I found out the former QB of my team, the Dolphins, doesn't stink when I blamed him for the most of the crappiness of the Dolphins when he was there. It does give me hope for the Dolphins since Ryan Fitzpatrick can get 5 wins with them then they may not suck as much as I thought and could make the damn playoffs next year. The Pats may suck next year LOL