Thing about Oregon is that they are still learning. Currently the Ducks are inconsistent. They have a good - perhaps great - offensive line, a very good, consistent quarterback and a defense that can stifle an opponent - if that defense shows up.

If they put both sides of a game together, they are hard to deal with.

A big thing for them is that they are basically healthy. They lost one great receiver for the season, but two very good ones (one of them - Mycah Pittman - potentially great) are healed and are on their way back to being full strength. Everyone else is pretty much in good health.

Oregon has to beat USC at USC this weekend and close out the regular season vs weaker teams. Then they'll likely play Utah for the Pac 12 championship.

I figure if they win all those games - and look good or at least clutch doing it - they have a shot at being selected for the Playoffs. Whether they get in or not depends on whether the big time teams win or not. Not all of them can win all their remaining games.

It starts with LSU vs Alabama after their byes, then Ohio State vs Penn State, Ohio State at Michigan, Alabama at Auburn, the conference championships and what Clemson does, though it's not likely Clemson will lose, given their weak schedule.

I think the press will pull for the Ducks if the Ducks do well and the choice is between them and putting a second SEC team with a loss in the final four.