Bama again proved to much like a professional team against Ohio St. Watched a little of it, watched the sky cam behind the offense. I used to play O line and D line in HS so I am interested in them. When Bama does a running play, it looks just like it was drawn on the chalkboard, thats where they all go and they block the defense just like it was drawn up almost every time. Yeah I know they likely don't used chalkboards anymore. No one can blast through them to make a play behind the line and the blocks usually always work just like drawn up.

Quite boring actually if you aren't a fan of Alabama. Most of the rest of them are playing to win 8 to 10 and get a good bowl. Thats fine and the games are better so I can skip watching Bama and usually Clemson, the very top teams unless it might be close. They won't do it but the SEC should move all non CBS games Bama plays to the 11 am kickoff.