LSU pitching is falling apart, I think 50 runs in the last 5 games including tonight. Hogs haven't beaten them in a series in years. LSU defense kinda sounds like early season defense, boots and bad throws, I'm not watching it but thats what I've been hearing on the radio.

Ok Hogs won, 11-6, LSU scored 3 runs off the freshman reliever in the top of 9th then Dave said hell with it and brought in the closer Cronin, Cronin actually threw a slider. He has a good curve when his head is right and decent slider but usually all you get is fastballs from him. We always have a closer with some sort of brain block or some other brain problem on certain things so he's just more of the same.

Zach Jackson, when he was freshman, hit guys, sometimes 2 or more in an inning, walked guys and would sometimes strike out the side as well, allowing 2 or less runs. Then when he got to be the closer as a sophomore and then a junior, did the same damn thing, usually less runs allowed. Usually though, when he was older, he didn't allow a run. He is the most dangerous pitcher, for both teams, I ever saw pitch, college or pro. I listened to games where he hit two batters, walked another, then struck out the other 3, didn't give up a run. With just 1 or 2 run leads Dave would leave him out there, bases loaded, nobody out and Zach was the one who loaded them.

He hasn't made it to the majors yet and after 3 years in the minors he's not likely to, even though his hit batsmen is way down from college, his walks per 9 innings is still up too high. Dave Van Horn could never make a starter out of him in college and in the minors they haven't even tried.

Tomorrow Hogs go for the sweep. This team has a bit less pitching then last years team but it scores more run even though they've hit less home runs.