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    Hell Let Loose Final Closed Beta Test Weekend May 24

    World at War members are looking at the upcoming game of Hell Let Loose. It is in Beta test now and has planned one more Beta test weekend starting May 24. Early Access release is June 6th or 7th. Let's meet up during that beta test weekend.

    More recent discussions start at this post in our Discussion thread Hell Let Loose.

    This game is run from Steam. Start time in our Steam Event Calendar will be updated once it is announced by the Developer.
    Our Events are linked at

    To attend the Beta, the Developer requires a Pre-Order of 30USD. The Pre-Order is at this site: With that you will get access to the Beta test weekend and the game key once released to Early Access. Two additional Beta test keys are also part of the purchase, so you can share with your friends for the beta test weekend.

    The Developer has announced: "The last closed beta before Early Access launch will take place on the weekend of May 24th to May 27th. We'll be providing further information on the beta, including start times, closer to the date."

    Latest information will be at:
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