My first patrol after getting to know the game and getting some mods. Sink some merchants in the harbor, run out of torpedoes. Leave to get more, I'm told by the crew that what we see next is a merchant vessel, I go out on the deck gun (the crew doesn't shoot very well) and sink the damn thing in the dark, its huge. I am then informed (by my dumbazz crew) that I have sunk a passenger liner and I saw the flag as it went down, it was just getting light out, it was Swedish. So now (in game) I am a real Nazi.

I will post more about this, having a great time with it. Only single player game aside from golf so far that is good fun. I used to play all kinds of them and had a great time but BF 42 kinda ruined single player games for me until now.
I bought it on Steam for 4 bucks, its called the steam gold edition, now its 9.99.