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    I am spending too much time on this

    I haven't accomplished anything yet really, ok I blew up some stuff, I always do that but really nothing in furtherance of the mission/missions. I'm out of something call HR to buy bots to help me so I basically wander around stealing vehicles and selling them or putting them in the virtual garage of mine or my faction. Now and again I run upon the enemy and kill a few till I'm surrounded and killed. Sometimes I kill them all. Its hard to accomplish even the simple missions without help from AI or other players.

    So fighting AI you can put your HQ in a building, a garage in my case, close to one of their towns and they never find it. Had to shoot a few press people and citizens who were giving me away at times. That of course led to them reporting me for stealing cars even more than they did.

    Anyway this thing works kinda like a cross between GTA and the capture the island mode of ARMA3. This can be played in more than just single player, people can LAN up 2 or more, maybe 6 or 8 on LAN, up to 16 on a server I think on each side. Yes you do not have to play the rebels. I think there is a WWII version of it with the either the US playing the rebels or the Russians with both of them against the Germans.

    My new plan to blow up more stuff is to load up with bombs, sneak on foot through the fields and woods. Get to town, hide my stuff and walk around under cover with just nades my pockets till I find a place to plant a bomb, go back get them bomb and plant it, hopefully living through it. You can't have any type of military garb on or a visible gun and be under cover. I think you might get away with backpack, gonna try that here in a few minutes.

    The game is setup to where you have certain low cost weapons, all you want, to get better weapons you need to capture like 25 of them then it is added to your virtual arsenal. Don't have a damn scope yet but I do have some of the better iron sight weapons. I am not sure if you have to gather 25 of them into your arsenal before you use one of it or if its cumulative and the game keeps up with what you've captured.

    Yes you can have a backpack full of bombs and be undercover.

    I think they are beginning to figure out that my garage is the source of many problems.
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