They have vehicles in the new version, no tanks I can see or air vehicles but hummers an stuff. Its kinda on sale now, I got the original for 1.99 the other day. Is Sandstorm part of the old or a whole new game? I have asked in the game discussion. If I keep hearing good stuff may buy this update or whole new game whichever it is.

Insurgency is rapidly paced, no real setting up an offense/defense or anything. You just run out and fight. So far I did manage to kill a few with my favorite weapon DA BOMB! Plus a few molotov kills. It is very hard to get in those type of positions though. New game with vehicles, maybe easier to play my game, which is terrorist jackasz. "Lets see Da Bomb seems to disappear into the trash pile just like PR". I hope that happens anyway. Arnold voice "you need a new vehicle".