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    Waylon Jennings

    Waylon Jennings, I appreciate this old man more and more every ****ing day. I should say this old dead man. Lost my older brother earlier this year, thats whats actually been wrong with me for awhile though I never mentioned it. It was hard to talk about.

    Anyway here is Waylon, my brother was a drummer who coulda played in any band. Waylon never grew the beard out till he could and make money wearing it, you could tell the shaving was bothering him near the end of it. Then he had a better beard than I have now An Boys, I have a mother****ing great beard. I will always say that Hank Jr. did that for him, not on purpose, Jr. just did it. I can say what Waylon says in the first song "I've never intentionally hurt anyone", I done a bunch a **** by accident which hurts like a mother****er sometimes. I get past it but now and again I meet someone who is still pissed about **** I did 30 or more years ago. I can't say I blame them but then again, I can't say I remember it either.

    Crap they didn't cut this together right. It ok but I will find something better later. I listened to most of it but not enough apparently. They tried to do a live but then wanted longer songs but sometimes Waylon did short live longs.
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