I've been watching this game forever. For a couple of years I had hopes for it. I don't remember who told me about it, it was someone here but since the game began development in 2011 or earlier I cannot remember who. Still nothing to play.

Well well well, they've now become Traction Wars Vanguard Normandy 1944.

The game part
They changed the game completely, only they will know if they did that since almost no one saw the old version. No more open sandbox, set piece battles or something like that, call of duty probably.
Our original design had large scale, open sandbox-style maps. We have decided to swap this out for more defined, tactical maps with a stronger emphasis on depicting historical events. We anticipate this will make the game more focused and therefore more enjoyable for you, the player.
What they've done so far that you can see is

I'm kinda making fun of Traction Wars but I do like the logo.

New team name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pathfinder Games

NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.vanguardww2.com/

New funding, which is what they've always needed but they were going with free to play forever. I keep saying "they" but I only see one guys name mentioned as involved, it may just be one guy now with a kickstarter to pay back all the money he's spent in the the last 8 or 9 years.

There is another game going down this same damn road, Days of War on steam, if you'd like to now and again look on at the people asking "hey when is it going to be done?" or "has anyone heard anything from the devs?". They have done a bit better though, they do have early access to a game without bots but also no players, so stand around on the battlefield by yourself and hope some guy shows up so you two can have a duel.

Makes Post Scriptum look like it was Rome built in a day doesn't it.

Ok TW does have a Pre Alpha video, meaning someone has played it, its just dev/devs, friends and relatives.

Goddamn, we didn't know how good we had it back in da days of FH1 and FH2. Sure the graphics were crap in comparison but they was always something new coming on a completed game.

No vehicles seen and none mentioned or shown on the website.