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    A Members Hall of Fame

    It was thought it would be good to have a WaW Hall of Fame. The idea and a list have been lurking in the Admin forum long enough (months), so I?m posting this while it is still a work in progress, omg. There is still debate on a more formal Hall of Fame, but this is a good start, I think. Therefore, this is not the "Official" WaW Hall of Fame, (hey, I'm treading on needles, here). The list below is what was in the Admin forum regarding some special people deserving of recognition for good works to the WaW community, so it seems like a good start.

    --> You can post to this thread with identification of a person you think deserving of recognition. Offer someone that you believe contributed to WaW in a constructive role. Please make a sincere and meaningful post. The person should have demonstrated merit to the WaW community. The starting list of people is a good example of what we are looking for. All areas are applicable: leadership; campaign participation; game development; technical contributions; and significant support to the forums and logistics. The above words are formal, but WaW exists for its members and their enjoyment of gaming with others. Fun is the main point.

    Most people on the list below also received some of WaW?s highest awards. At the top of the Awards page are these highest level awards. Click on a person?s name on that page and you will see all of their awards with citations for most. WaW Service awards are listed first on the webpage. They are a good representation of people that could be in a Hall of Fame listing. Also, many from the WaW General and CinC Award and the WaW Map Maker?s Award stand out as special. The General and CinC are people that stepped up to lead a Division and (hopefully) make the gaming experience enjoyable for their team. The Mappers devoted hours of their time to make creative and historic maps intended to enhance the gaming experience with interesting terrain, scenery, and flag layouts. The first lot of honorees includes some of the best from these two award groups.

    Here is the list. Most of the citations are taken from the WaW Service Awards they received.

    For creating the world we know today, without him we would not be WaW, or BFE at all.

    With an unheard of dedication over many campaigns, Avrojet did all the work needed to keep the tournament in good shape, from Public Relations work, advertising around the net to find new players, to setting up servers, handling all the necessary forum work, setting up new campaigns, and pretty much taken care of any problems thrown his way. And all this was done with clockwork consistency week after week, month after month, year after year. Without Avrojet's hard work and dedication there is no doubt that this tournament would certainly not have continued strong for so long.

    Trexer was a Tournament Admin since the WaW Classics and he was WaW Tournament Chairman from campaigns 17 - 23. Through the good times and the bad, Trex played an instrumental part keeping WaW going strong and remaining one of the best places to play Battlefield and Forgotten Hope with a vast array of custom gameplay features and maps. His involvement in all aspects of WaW is second to none and he demonstrated non-stop dedication to WaW since he first joined in January 2003 (Campaign 2).

    Stubbfan put in countless hours into nearly all aspects of WaW for many years: from his great image creation skills on rank images, medals, icons and banners, to his dedicated work on the WaW Minimod, custom maps and the point sheet. For many campaigns Stubb was the main guy to count on to get maps ready for Saturday battles, even if it meant spending all Saturday fixing problems and getting rid of bugs. Stubb spent many campaigns as a Tournament Admin or as Map Team Leader and kept WaW vibrant with his exceptional dedication and vast skill set. With his developer skills, Stubb created a Pacific environment for FH2 similar to what had existed with FH1. The Pacific environment lives as part of the Community Map Pack, CMP.

    York contributions to WaW were immense over the years. Since 2006 York generously covered the majority of WaW's server costs and enabled WaW to carry on without any worries about our costs or asking for donations. York was a Tournament Admin from Campaign 9 - 23 and was always calm, collected and dependable to get things done and lay the smack down when needed.

    For many campaigns Square was in charge of the map team and made sure maps were prepared and ready to go and that new maps were incorporated in to the campaigns. He also worked on many map conversions of classic FH1 maps and gathered a ton of mapping knowledge. Square's put a lot of work into WaW over the years and helped make it into what it is today.

    Having been Tournament Chairman from Campaign 5 - 16, Tournament Admin and Map Team Leader, as well as a General twice, Kommi has seen it all. For many years he led WaW and kept it going and expanding on the Forgotten Hope 1 and 2 platforms. Without Kommisar's die hard dedication during the early and mid years of WaW, this tournament probably wouldn't exist today.

    Back in 2003 we met a pilot who ruled the skies and was amazing. He participated with all of us, no matter if you were axis or allied, we all had fun. Hippo wanted a laugh out of all of us, in WaW 3/21CW Campaign 1, Hippo played important roles in the community. He also was there for anyone that wanted to just jump on the server and joke around. Hippo was the first WaW member to pass away from our community.

    Pepper was without a doubt the main BF2 coder at WaW and brought many new and innovative gameplay features to the tournament: From Rally Points, deployable defences, objective coding and race events. His knowledge of BF2 coding is second to none and we are thankful for the cool stuff he created.

    Paasky has created a lot of maps for use at WaW as well as many pioneering mod elements such as the TB3 Zveno and laying the groundwork for naval combat in FH2. The prefix changer, which was used for many campaigns, is also a Paasky creation. He's well versed in modding BF2 and was a great asset to WaW.

    Pacifist spent several campaigns on the WaW map team and did a lot of work on maps along the way. In Campaign 22 he was the sole member of the map team and did an outstanding job getting maps ready for battle on his own.

    Glen was a great asset in the early days of WaW when he pioneered work on mapping in BF1942 and FH1, eventually moving up to Map Team Leader and working on the first iterations of the WaW FH1 minimod.

    Maemph was a mainstay of the news team for several campaigns, putting together weekly news images for the WaW front page and making trailers for the WaW Air/Navy events and campaigns. The high quality trailers were an excellent promotional tool for WaW and showcased what we do with the WaW minimod and our gameplay. Plus, they're fun to watch.

    Tompie created many of the excellent graphics you can find at WaW. He was involved creating high quality rank and medals images as well as avatars for many divisions and companies. He created the News Template used in campaigns to announce battle results and upcoming battles. It was modeled as a magazine cover.

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    Re: A Members Hall of Fame

    I want to add Melvin and Wir3tap. It's been years and years since I wrote a BFE-WaW commendation, so I have to put the sentences together into a legible paragraph praising their worthy contributions. But, I'm rusty and will have to follow up on that. For now, let me scribble some notes.

    Held BFE-WaW together and showed the utmost dedication as a soldier, officer, and tournament admin. He went above and beyond in enforcing the fairness and integrity of this tournament. You done did good bro!

    BFE-WaW would not exist without this soldier, officer, and tournament admin. He spearheaded the donations, among many other important needs, spending much of his own money and time to ensure that we had a server and a place to congregate and make new, lasting friends. Your wallet may hate you, but all of us are truly grateful!

    EDIT: I want to add more recommendations, but it's been awhile, and I have to recall all of my BFE-WaW memories to add more. Stay tuned!
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