Ok, so I wanted to sit and write this out to everyone, as the community is all about us. So I wanted to let everyone know some changes of plans and what's going to happen.

When we went into Post Scriptum we thought we had an amazing opportunity to jump start the WaW Community, and it looked very promising, there was even talking of upgrading forums and all looked amazing. However, before the campaign even took off, it shut down at the same time so we took this decision lightly.

We will not be hosting any more tournaments based off WaW from here on. We will be using the forum money paid to sustain the server till May of 2019, and from there a much cheaper box will be purchased for Forums and TS only, as well as to host the small footprint the FH2 team still needs. This has been a big thought of mine over the past few months especially with the amount of donations for a new forum that came in. However my views are, there is no point in a new forums or new ways of doing things, if the community is not sustainable anymore. I will promise this, that from May of next year on, WaW Forums, and TS will continue, unless of course there is absolute NO using it whatsoever. But even the topics from time to time about reunions are always fun to read.

I apologise to our community for this as just as we all did, we hoped for another breath of fresh air and it didn't happen. It's been an amazing time at WaW and as I said, our forums will remain active as well as our Teamspeak.