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    Where are we going to do?

    I am wondering where we are going from this point forward.

    The tournament started off for WAW 32 at one time with 2 teams and an apparent intent to go to a tournament style competition between the two sides.

    Then - because of low attendance at the appointed battle times - a special meeting was held where the determination was made that it would be best to hold Friday and Saturday public play events for an indeterminate period of time.

    This was not really publicized very much. I for one needed to piece it together.

    Those special Fridays and Saturdays have gone on for the last few weeks.

    I will state that I was not able to tend to each and every time frame those weekends because I had to leave home to deal with a family matter plus my desktop burnt out at the same time so I haven't been entirely up to date on what might have been developing or decided.

    With the time I had available - and using my laptop - I did try to attend a couple of the last few Saturday sessions.

    What I experienced was this:

    1. I could not get into a game because our NA WAW server was full with a +5 waiting list on average. I couldn't afford the wait, so I quit waiting.

    2. The training servers - being open to all - were a free for all with outsiders usually (not always) being predatory dickheads, destroying vehicles in place or seeking me out to kill for fun or practice. This was often unpleasant and frustrating.

    3. Last Saturday - September 29 - I hung out on a NA WAW server with Squarebasher and we apparently "seeded" the server to the effect that after some time, it reached the 80+5 status I had seen before. I had to leave before things developed to 30 vs 30 or so. Later in the day, I saw it was literally the #1 server in the list for number of players being around 80+5. Again, I couldn't wait around long enough to get in at that late time.

    I feel as though I'm being denied the chance to play or compete on my group's very own server.

    When will we resume the team vs. team framework?
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