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    World at War's Donation Drive for Forum Upgrade!

    We want to thank everyone who is participating in the 32nd campaign of WaW! It looks to be exciting!

    In the background we are constantly changing, evolving with time, this includes trying to go to a newer, more modern forum system. We have a 3 Phase approach to this. The first phase in which we are in right now is to raise a total of $295.

    This will give us:

    Phase 1 - Forum Migration ACHIEVED

    Thank you to all the donators so far! We now enter phase 2

    An integral part of WaW has been the awards and medals. The new Xenforo software has medal support but to transfer our history in a correct way the plugin needs work. For this we have reached out to the developers and bartered for a competitive offer

    Phase 2 - Full Medal Support - 300$
    - Full support for our current medal system, including ribbons.
    - Ongoing support for the medal addon that covers all of our current features by addon developer.

    The reasons and goals behind the project have been described very well by Lorden so in his words:

    We have only 1 custom coding phase left after this one, to implement custom coding to bring stuff special to our forum.

    We ask for everyone's help with this, and when we go over the $300, the remainder will be used towards phase 3.

    Please send me a PM with each donation stating you are using this for either A. Just normal server upkeep costs, or B. for the Forum Upgrades.

    Phase 3 How much left? $250

    Our wonderful supporters!:

    Donations So Far:
    2WD|jarheadwho - $10
    Anonymous - $20
    Kildar - $30
    Glam - $10
    Zulnex - $15
    Wilhelm - $200
    Wir3tap - $10+EBay transaction fees lol
    Taffy - $125
    Franny - $25
    CB99 - $10
    Zulnex - $15
    Stubbfan - $40
    murKiN - $30
    Avrojet - $55
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