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    Hagler v Leonard

    I've watched this fight several times, mostly in the 80's, none of me or my friends thought Sugar Ray won the fight. I was actually a Thomas Hearns fan, but the Hitman had lost to Hagler. Just watched it again, Hagler still wins, Hagler never fought again. I give Ray credit though, he stood up to Hagler but he could not even make Hagler stumble. Thing is even though usually the last thing old fighters lose is the power, Hagler had lost the power. He hit Ray with shots he'd have usually knocked him out with, many times but he couldn't do it.

    Hagler had nothing left to knock Ray out with, in his last fight he had won by knockout and also the fight before but when you get old it happens fast and Ray saw he could make it through a fight with Hagler. Ray knew being showy would win if he didn't get knocked out and he saw Hagler had lost some of it.

    I know who gives a crap about some old fight from the 80's. If you think you might like boxing you should cause its basically over with now. Yeah they are trying to bring it back but so far its been hit and miss.

    They need to be able force them fight each other for a combined title. In MMA their is basically one title in each Org. Yeah too many Orgs but everyone knows which is the top Org even though I'm drunk and can't remember now. They need judges who ain't affiliated with any of the orgs in boxing. They may need to borrow judges from the MMA. When I used to follow boxing my only title holder was the one who held the Ring Magazine belt. I don't know if Ring even still exists or if they may have been infiltrated.

    Anyway watch Hagler Leonard and then watch THE THRILLER IN MANILLA. Then if you want to see some more brutality watch Victor Galindez vs Richie Kates, then watch Hagler Hearns. Galindez v Kates is bloody. The thriller in Manila is two old great fighters past their prime beating the **** out of each other to see who was best cause they was 1-1 at the time.

    Make sure you see James Light Out Toney, the greatest boxer I ever saw. Ali was the greatest fighter but Toney was the greatest boxer I ever saw. Ali won despite his mistakes, and he made plenty. Toney only lost to guys who had great nights. Yeah I know all the roid use later in his career, which I'm usually hard on athletes about, he saw a bunch of piss poor boxers in the heavy weight division and figured he could beat them if he could make the weight. Then make buttloads of money that he wasn't making. He knew he was better then them even when he got old but you caint make a heavy weight out of a middle weight without roids and lots of food.
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