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Thread: Post Scriptum ?

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    Post Scriptum ?

    Hello there !

    Any old vets from 21CW here ?

    I've read the mail about WaW coming back with Post Scriptum.. so here I am !

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    Re: Post Scriptum ?

    I don't know about 21 CW so much. I know it was here at one time, in a way, different web address. I got banned by one of them 21 CW guys but when they left I was unabanned cause WAW is a bit more tolerant of me. I think some of them come by here now and then, I only answered so you wouldn't think no one gave a crap that you posted. Someone with more knowledge will come along, I'm sure, to answer your question.

    It will be Post Scriptum or Hell Let Loose, from what I've seen HLL is the better game but PS is likely to get going quicker cause of all the stuff already created in the original game. So it could be both games.
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