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    The Kentucky Derby

    One of the more dominate performances I've seen, Secretariat as the exception as he always is, Justify ran second to the lead the entire race to a horse who should run mile races only and not 1 and 1/4 and then took it in the last turn and would not be caught.

    Secretariat, he's like Tony Gwynn, they always make exceptions for Tony when they talk about baseball stats. Tony, 440 batting average with the base loaded.
    Kissinger Quote "The superpowers often behave like two heavily armed blind men feeling their way around a room, each believing himself in mortal peril from the other, whom he assumes to have perfect vision.
    Over time even two armed blind men in a room can do enormous damage to each other, not to speak of the room."

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    Re: The Kentucky Derby

    i always forget about the race and kick myself cause i love me a mint julep in the middle of the day

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