Making a separate thread for this

I tried to get it to work in KOTH by eliminating my vault key and using that key for the enhanced movement mod, didn't work. I love playing KOTH and I'm going to nicely gripe at the guys who made it to get them allow it. If you can get them to add it, then it will soon be everywhere. I hope one day that SWING will somehow be added to the game like this has been added, so that it works seamlessly like this does so that melee weapons will work like they should have worked from the beginning, IMO.

I know everyone has given up but me on ARMA3 WWII being the WWII mod for us but whatever. I aint yet. I think it is just to easy to mod and edit to give up on yet. We don't really know squat yet about the Squad mod or Hell Let Loose to know if they will work or not as far as editing or modding. I'm old and ARMA will likely be the last game I can do anything with. Yall don't know what its like to get in your 50's and try to do this crap. I still learn fairly well but its the forgetting and having to learn it again the next day that sucks and sometimes is overwhelming. AFTER I LEARN THE 5TH DAMN TIME THOUGH I'M USUALLY OK

In other betching and crying from me I would like, when I get them completed, to play my scenarios on our servers