Not many people still read these forums but I think when I find something worth writing about I will still write about it. RaceRoom is a good game, its a driving game, that is not talked about much here since this is a WWII gaming forum and servers.

Buuuut if you want to play something on the side worth playing and you want to play a driving game raceroom is worth it, especially since it is free for several tracks and more than several cars. I've since bought the classic pack which comes with several older cars and several tracks. My wife doesn't know I've spent 34 bucks on that but I'm calling it a Christmas present to me. She will be getting new wheels for her vehicle which will cost waaaaay more.

The game is hard, in a way, cause it is realistic, mostly, nothing is perfect though if you read some of the reviews some people expect EXACT reality out of something that isn't real. Plus they expect every damn controller to work without fault from the beginning. My old MOMO FFB wheel and pedals didn't work as far as the FFB went until I restarted the game, Steam and win 7, kinda WIN 98 like. Then it worked but ol MOMO is old and it kinda was too much FFB so I turned the FFB off but the centering spring and I had to turn it down, turn if off and its like playing F1 pole position. WIN 98, F1 pole position arcade, which only me, Melvin and a few others remember here.

So I played it and I suck at it but it is still mucho fun. The other thing is, the online version only worked after I did all that restart stuff. I don't race online much cause I still run into other cars too much and people who've paid way more than me don't really like that much. Against the AI though I turn off the rules flags, beat hell out of them and cut corners when I want to.

If anyone wants to know how set it up for no FFB or even some FFB stuff I will post that later when I am sober.

I highly recommend this mother****ing game.