APEX is again on sale 11.89, KART's is too but I think its always on sale, only 69 cents now. I've played Karts some its fun, I imagine online multiplayer is even more fun if the person or server running it doesn't have a cob up their butt. The Bundle of helicopters Marksman and Karts is on sale for 6.79. The entire APEX edition bundle is a great deal IMO if you don't have ARMA 3 yet, it is 23.79. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/95419/ ARMA3 is on sale for 13.59. ARMA2 is on sale as well but I think most of the maps and content has been pulled out of it for 3.

Some of you play RUST or want to and its on sale for 9.99.

Squad, being a new company can only mark down so much and its 27.99.

I've been playing RaceRoom, its free but has tons of cars and tracks to buy and all of that is on sale now.

Insurgency is 1.49, have a thumbs up by it so maybe good. Its anti cheat system is apparently kicking some who do not cheat.