Download this. It is a total 7 sector setup, put it your custom compositions. All you have to do after this is put the sectors where you want them. Don't want 7, delete some of them. Want more, copy one of them. After that put your vehicles or whatever else you want to do. This uses indestructible Jeeps and Kubels as spawn points for the sector when your side owns them. Show Hide is what is used to enable/disable the respawn points. Much better than what I was doing, hell as far as I can tell is perfect, it is a damn wonder my old head came up with it.

Below is a link to the single version so you can see what you need to copy and paste to make more. It doesn't have the sector control module (which runs the sectors) or the bleed tickets or respawn tickets module like the one above with 7 sectors with all the variables named like they need to be.

Download it so I can know if you can download it and post in here if it allowed you to.