Ok I was wondering if anyone here had any experience putting a faster, but used, server cpu into a desktop. This one is being sold for 27 dollars so its not much of a risk but changing the chip is a pain in the azz. My current one is a I 7 quad 2.66GHz.

If the error checking is going to steal too much of the speed increase it would be a waste of time and 27 dollars. You do get 12mb of cache instead of the 8 I got.

Was going to get a new motherboard and chip to put in here but then I hear MS isn't going to support win 7 in new hardware and has convinced the hardware makers to do the same in order to force people into win 10. I called them a bunch of dicks on twitter and told them to go **** themselves. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I paid 500 bucks for win 7 pro with multi license for this in order to not change OS's for quite awhile. Also so when this one breaks I could install it on the old computer until fixed.

I did find a guy who made a program to bypass the windows block of updates for new hardware and win 7 but thats going to get dicey after awhile since some stuff still won't install since it basically isn't there for win 7.

It says seller refurbished, which means he cleaned the old paste off I assume.