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    Bailing's simple things, cause thats all he can do

    Screw all of this crap about the sector spawn points below


    One sector, with spawn points dependent on who owns the sector. The spawn is a bicycle with a civilian on board so you do not spawn onto the bike. That way if the spawn point hides as you are respawning you do not get hidden. The civilian is not simulated and is only a model occupying the space on the bike. Neither the bike nor the civilian can be destroyed.

    Ok all of that stuff I posted about spawn points for sectors will kinda work but once you've passed that sector by, by a bit it no longer allows you to spawn there. Well thats fine in some scenarios but I generally have vehicles that spawn at sectors and I'm sure it would be better to go back and get say a tank if you want to. The sector control module hooked to the sectors is having an effect and not allowing spawns at sectors that have been passed by, hell what if you need to defend it. For some reason using triggers to make respawn markers somehow gets hooked into the sector control thing to where you can't spawn back once you've gone on ahead aways.

    So I just tested what I believe will work like a damn charm, so far it has anyway.

    Ahh my wonderful power company, an outage a month like it or not, always about 10 seconds and somehow it knocked out my internet so I'm typing this offline cause I can't post the custom composition I made. Why do this crap your doing Bailing when you could just wait until the internet comes back and not tell us at all? Cause I'm pissed. No lightening, no nothing, it is misting outside.

    The custom composition I made will simply make a damn sector with spawn points over and over (copy and paste) and all you have to do is change the name of the sector and the name of it in the triggers. The name of the sector will change automatically anyway since the custom composition has a sector with a vaiable name of sector1 and if you copy and paste it it will change to sector1_1 and you'll have to change the name in the trigger, it does not change automatically. Change the size of the sector, doesn't matter. I'm using Kubels and Jeeps hooked/synched to regular respawn modules. Then I have one vehicle or the other hidden depending on who owns the sector. You can't spawn on a hidden vehicle. You can get trapped in one if the sector is lost while spawning in if you don't get out in time but I will look up the eject code and make the speed 0 so you'll be ejected, maybe, as soon as you spawn in. It may not work on players spawned into the vehicle. The vehicle has no fuel and can't move. Anyway, if you get trapped, all you have to do is manual respawn. The respawn timer needs to be set to 14, as far as I can tell it takes the game that long to hide vehicles.

    Only the sector needs a variable name so only its name needs to be changed and the name of the sector referred to in the triggers.

    I wanted to use ammo boxes cause you can't get trapped in them but the respawn module doesn't work that way.

    Anyway I will have a custom compositions up before I republish the maps, 2 of them, one will be a 7 sector setup, the variable name will be in the sector, the triggers will have it in them, the indestructable Jeeps and Kubels, hopefully with the eject script in their init. Probably not though, its not that big a deal really. Move the sectors and the vehicles where you want them, the rest can reside on the edge of the map. Everything already synced. Move the vehicles around in the sector or move them a little outside the sector for a respawn just outside. It has the sector control module, respawn tickets module and the bleed tickets module too all synced.

    Change how fast the tickets bleed,, the number of tickets each side, the amount of dominance needed, the amount of dominance needed just for a single sector, all dat stuff. Hell you could use it for modern or anything. Change the indestructable spawn point vehicle for whatever era.

    Will post them in another thread.

    This is a trigger which can create spawn points among other things it does. Gonna use spoilers cause this will get big. That creates a spawn point for the Germans because they own that sector (chapoi) which is like the flag zones if BF FH. I have saved respawns in my custom compositions so that all I have to do is change the name of the sector, maybe the size and not do a bunch of typing.

    I will do the sectors in another post, two ways to do them, not a big deal.

    The place you get the triggers. For this I selected the first one since it has no size, it is not being used that way so it doesn't need a size. You can change the size of any of the triggers listed though so it doesn't matter.

    You make the marker by going to markers, then icons and the selecting respawn and picking infantry respawn. Actually I think you can pick any of them, the marker/icon itself doesn't do anything unless you have a trigger to make it a place to do something. I made it an inf respawn marker by what I put in the trigger. You have to name it the same thing that is in the trigger which is respawnmrk_66 in this case.

    You cannot sync a marker to anything, it is synced to the trigger by what is in the trigger.

    How do you take that spawn point away if they lose the sector, I'm glad I asked. A second trigger which shows by the ! point in the condition that if the Germans lose chapoi they lose the spawnpoint. Oh I forgot the activation, notice it says seized by blufor in the 1rst pic, that says who is seizing the area written in the condition and so they get the spawnpoint, and in this last one where the Germans lose the spawnpoint, activation says seized by independent who will get the very same spawn point only with two other triggers using the very same marker cause why make a second marker, I'm lazy.

    == means whatever comes after == is true.
    != means whatever comes after != is false.

    Ok I got Mcdonalds coupons for breakfast biscuits (sausage egg and cheese) so I will come back later and do more.
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