I put this here cause I been drinking and this guy in the link was also drinking, and a redneck obviously. Bullets flying all around him and he says **** it, he looks evil in the eye and gives it the bird.

He would not go gentle into that good night, he raged, RAGED! against the dying of the light.

I wish I could be that brave, brave enough to say "screw my life, I will rage against evil/rage against the dying of the light".

He lived according to what I've heard.

Heard a girl talk about a guy who grabbed her and a friend of hers, held her against his body, her friend shielded by them both, her friend crying, while she felt that guy bleed out, absorbing bullets for the both of them. She won't never be the same, she won't be a girl no more like should be able to be.

It be better if young folks get to be boys or girls as long as they need to be, IMO. She'll be strong, I think, but she won't be a girl no more like she should be able to be. She'll have to remember that guy dying to save her and remember that sick/evil no good SOB trying to kill them all.

I think she'll be a good girl.