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So i saw a gameplay video of this game and it looks promising even for tournament play from what i read. Could this be a future waw game? Assuming it delivers like all kickstarters do DD
I'm copying this from the mess hall so we got more eyes on it
Janizki's take ^
My take from the vid\/

Maybe its my browser but I can't even get that page to load. (my browser is f ed up so that is meaningless)

Ok I got it off youtube, JESUS it looks like real life in that vid, or as close to it as I've seen. The grass shines like it should. Be great for one of those new things you wear on ya head. (VR, I'm drinking so I forgot the name and I put this later.)

The vision through the brush and stuff is like it should be, or more like it has been in other games. Now I am saying this about a youtube video where I once watched a vid of ARMA 3 and it was supposed to have actual shell holes which it does not have in the game right now and damn sure didn't have when it came out. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO. Gonna keep watching.

Looks like bullets going through that thin wall like they should, the vision is like it should be, IE you can't see **** like you can in many games. I see them finishing off guys and I hope that means they can't be raised from the dead like they can in ARMA3. Put 20 bullets in a guy he should stay dead.

Ok I like how the vid looks, I like what they say about it but like I've said many times in this forum, "people say all kinds of things, some of them are even true".

Guy who likes watching video game previews video version of my review. Love it so far but I saw pre alpha which was done on sept 30th of this year, so it will be awhile. Another plus, they've gotten the **** that most game get wrong from the beginning, the look from behind cover, almost never is that gotten right even later when the game comes out.

Waiting too see what happens.
my take on it there and that is just the take from a pre alpha video. Who knows how it will end up.