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    Suggestions from an old player

    I've been playing y'alls IFA3 server for quite a while. Under a couple different names but Chance Vance is the one I'm most well known for. I've seen a lot of things happen to this server and with the new update am glad to see it picking up traction and hitting a high number of players on a regular basis again. That being said, there are problems that come along with attracting so many new people, and my suggestions for handling these problems are below.

    Primary Concern Players Wasting Munitions
    There are many people who don't care about the team at all, and care only about their individual experience. As such, with a system that allows for complete purchasing of all vehicles, tanks, and aircrafts by anyone, there are many people who use munitions as soon as they are available. The problem with this is there are very few people who focus on getting those munitions, and usually with a purpose in mind, such as getting a heavy tank to deal with armor columns attacking FOBs, making an ammo truck, or using them to create PAKs, MGs, and other defensive emplacements.

    Whitelisting airplane purchase This is my biggest pet peeve and will take the first suggestion. I prefer not to be in a position where I must take the commander slot and disable the server build permissions so we may once again gain munitions, but so often it's what needs to be done. I know several people who do nothing but use airplanes on this server, regardless of whether or not we're at a high enough alertness for them to be useful, they have the experience to make them useful, or if the team needs armor/emplacements/ammo trucks instead. The actual method for determining whether or not individuals should be whitelisted to purchase planes I do not have a great suggestion there. As planes can easily rack up a high mun costs in both initial costs, and civilian collateral, this can cause a huge negative impact on the servers other occupants. Speaking of civilian casualties...

    Banning players who purposely kill civilians It can be a temporary ban, in fact that would be best, but there have been simply too many cases of "Oh, we have munitions for something! Oh wait.... No we don't.". Not to mention the despicable pit of -400 munitions I have seen before, more than once. Most notably people who use mortars/artillery on civilian towns instead of restricting it to military complexes only. Unless we have the removal of civilians, which I don't see that happening(Though I would personally like it) there needs to be some kind of reprimanding for killing them on purpose, or even on accident if it happens too many times. You don't just kill civilians willy nilly in war, and no CO would allow their troops to do so(Maybe Russians).

    Secondary Concern Restricting use of side chat I'm not saying to do anything to the players because you can always mute them, but possibly change the server rules to not allow for casual conversations in side chat. I get that you can just mute people, and I do all the time, but I'd like to be able to communicate with others across the map when necessary. My personal opinion is side should be used for callouts of important information(IE, armor @ certain spot, request for something, etc), and communication between groups. I hate having to ask people to stop talking in side, as I always do before muting them, it seems to just piss them off and cause them to talk more like "Mute me I don't care **** you.".

    These are just some small suggestions from a player who loves the server and would love to continue playing it. However, with the large amounts of people we are currently getting every night, I find myself more often than not skipping over the opportunity to play the server because of our lack of munitions and/or server cooperation.

    Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions of your own, I'd be glad to hear them.
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