In this state, Arkansas, its kinda like the president died. He was a guy who made athletics at the UofA and also made the university better, not just raising all kinds of cash for the stadiums but also for the academic part of the school. His work for the alzheimers was also remarkable.

I remember someone telling the story about when Houston Nutt was coaching here. The parents didn't always trust Houston and Houston knew it. So the story goes he told coach Broyles "coach I know you love to go play at Augusta during this time of year but I really need you to put that off and be here for the parents". They needed to see the steady hand who was running the place.

Ken Hatfield (who played for Coach in the 60's) told a story during the funeral about when Ken was head coach at Arkansas and coach Broyles would give him these wonderful introductions about how great Ken was when Ken was gonna speak somewhere and at other times. So Ken told him and I paraphrase "coach you give me these great intros and say these wonderful things about that I have to live up to but are you gonna love me that much if we go five and five" and coach Broyles said "Ken, I'll always love you, I'll miss you but I'll always love you".

I've heard a bunch of stories about him this week I'd never heard before plus many do not know what he did for college athletics in general, not just for the University of Arkansas.

After he stopped coaching he had a hard time watching a Razorback game, in fact unless he was doing an Arkansas game with Kieth Jackson as the color commentator on ABC he did not watch them at all. he had to then but he said when he was coaching or working in television it was work so it was different. During one Arkansas @ Texas game when he was still athletic director he went and talked to friends there at Texas and then when the game began he walked back to the airport and didn't know who won until the team caught up to him at the airport.

The one thing I know he did wrong, he made Nolan Richardson play a guy so the Hogs wouldn't lose to Arkansas St in the NIT basketball tournament. The Hogs won and that guy was a big part of that but it soured his and Nolans relationship from then on. Nolan did not play kids who did wrong or broke the law if he knew it. Coach would not tolerate losing A state in anything so he made Nolan put that guy in at halftime when the Hogs were losing. Yeah Nolan owed him a bit for keeping him when he was losing early on here at Arkansas but still it made things bad between them. No one is perfect.