Hello WaW, and the players out there.

I've been playing a lot on your Arma 3 server.

Its smooth, and the maps are great. (GJ!!)

I have one suggestion though; We need more admins on the server. I for one, have encountered hackers, trolls, racism, people running around killing civilians (which messes with the ingame economy).
- And there is nobody to stop them.

I would gladly help oversee things with the arma 3 server. Being a server owner myself, i do have a lot of techincal server knowledge. Maybe have somekind of application form. Apply informations you need answered, and let your players submit to them. I've met a few guys who comes on regulary, that also could fit the role of moderating the server.

I don't know who is modding it atm, but I'm pretty sure those guys could tell me, if they think the server is moderated enough atm ?

Server rocks when people are on, and everything is calm .

Kind regards,

Arma 3 Player.