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    WaW's LiF Server Rules

    Rules for our Safe haven is as follows and can change.

    -NO PVP (If we find that you are pvping on Capitol grounds you will receive a 1 day ban. (This does not include the events/training provided)

    -NO LOOTING (Training grounds will be open to players under Capitol protection. If you are killed or you killed someone on Capitol grounds the loot will be left where it was including Horses.)

    -You can take and stow as much as you can carry in the warehouses provided, This will be up to you and how you will transport the goods there.

    -Players will NOT be allowed to stow any goods if you participate in JH

    -No running to the Capitol to avoid being killed (Players must be in the Capitol with goods BEFORE JH starts)

    On a side note, once you have joined the Safe Haven you will not be allowed to leave for any reason until JH is over. Players that want to be in the safe haven will have to announce it to the GMs.

    The Capitol will allow any players under its protection to use the facilities provided to train their skills. Events will be held in the Capitol during JH only to to the players under its protection. This will help so that players do not get bored during the 2 hour JH.

    Basic Rules (Subject to change):

    -Keep arguments off Global (Take it to TS)
    -No Racism Everyone knows what this means, so dont do it.
    -No arguing with a GM over global this goes with the rule above, you can take it to TS and discuss your case there
    -No harassing other players
    -No exploits/glitching
    -No Trolling

    Server Rules (Subject to change):

    -No finishing players buildings/monument if you are not part of their group (However feel free to take the items out if they did not lock it into place)
    -No Killing on Claim (Both leaders of said claims must agree upon attacking each other)
    -If combat is initiated off claim and said defender runs to their claim, combat is still open and can still be killed. If aggression is initiated by claim owner/party, combat will be allowed on their claim.
    -No building on ANY natural resource deposit (Clay,Marble,Granite, ect..)
    -No building on the big mountain
    -Do not harass claims constantly, If you attack someone on their claim there will be a grace period of 48 hours (This rule does not apply during JH)
    -No killing players horses on their claim (Pushing the horse off claim is included in this rule)
    -No tree walls (building trees around your base to prevent players from attacking)
    -Yielding players shall not be killed. You may however knock them out and loot them. This will help players if they choose to not lose their stats

    Updated Rules:

    -No building on the Island, the island has been reserved for a hunger games/Event center for all players server wide

    -ABSOLUTELY NO MONUMENT DESTRUCTION. Monuments will be left unharmed finished or unfinished including during JH

    Judgement Hour rules:

    -Log stacking is the only acceptable way to get into a claim
    -Logs must be stacked TOUCHING, no floating logs.
    -Siege is allowed during JH (siege equipment must be removed after JH)
    -Monuments will be left unharmed. NO EXCEPTIONS

    All goes during JH besides said rules.

    AND the #1 rule we have on this server is:

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    Re: WaW's LiF Server Rules

    Updated Rules:

    -No griefing of the capitol, This includes destroying roads, attacking walls, taking items, killing anyone or any animal within Capitol walls (inside) INCLUDING DURING JH
    -English only in Global

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