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    Map Pack Test Today (Sunday 7 Dec), 2PM New York / 7PM London / 1900 UTC

    This is a Community Map Pack managed by 762Ranking. The map pack contains custom maps from the World at War Tournament, the Forgotten Honor Tournament, and some independents. This is a great collection of some of the community's best maps.

    Come and help us test them out, today. These are for public play. Please post your feedback. We will incorporate appropriate feedback to the final release. Feedback is best posted at [FEEDBACK] PICK MAPNAME where all map teams will check.

    Visit this thread for the latest updates on this effort:
    ENIGMAFH2 MAP TEST THIS SUNDAY 19.00 UTC (20.00Berlin/Paris)

    Below is a quote from the thread, but it has been updated since this point. WaW is the first download link in the list. Some of the other links have used up their download limit for the day. Odium will be putting up new links, so check the above thread if you need another link. Be aware that some links are to free hosting sites which may have multiple "download" links; choose carefully.

    The map file has a password. It is: zumWein

    Quote Originally Posted by x4funI ODIUM I
    Dear Players,

    we are happy to let you know that the mappack_test_v06.rar is finally ready to download.
    To install, unpack it into your bf2\mods folder, as usual. Password for the .rar file is


    (Manual installation: unpack the .rar file to your download folder, you receive a folder called "fh2".
    Go into your BF2 installation folder (C:\...\bf2\mods) folder, put this just unpacked "fh2" folder
    of the mappack NEXT to the old "fh2" folder. If asked to integrate/overwrite/replace, say "yes". )

    EnigmaFH2 test server is up and running. For bugs that you find on the maps -
    post in one of these threads here: [FEEDBACK] PICK MAPNAME

    I will keep you updated on our progress.

    Best Regards,
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