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    WaW Game Servers Status

    These are the primary WaW game servers and their current status. These are usually available for public play, but Tournament operations may require their use from time to time. WaW may add or remove servers without notice.

    Status is based upon GameTracker. WaW has a presence on GameTracter at: World at War
    Click on the status images to link to a more detailed status report at GameTracker. (*)

    IFA3, mod for ARMA 3

    Red Orchestra 2, Stalingrad Campaign Realism

    Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm, Realism Pacific Campaign

    Red Orchestra 2 Rising Storm, WaW's Rising Storm 2 Server

    WaW #1 Forgotten Hope 2, Limited Rotation

    TeamSpeak 3

    (*) GameTracker makes every effort to reflect the current status of the games it tracks. On rare occasions network outages, (at GameTracker or elsewhere), may cause these status reports not to display or to give less current status than normal.
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