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    WaW 27 - Interested in being an officer?

    As WaW26 has just ended we need to look ahead to the next campaign. One big part of any campaign is the officer corps.

    At this time no officers have been picked at all yet for WaW27. Not even Generals.
    If you're interested and up to being a general in WaW27 please send me a PM and let me know and give a short reason why. Also, if you have any questions about the job feel free to ask. We are counting on people to volunteer for this position.

    If you'd like to put your name forward for any other officer position, please fill out the form below and PM it to me. It will be passed on to the future generals who will use it as another source of information to make their decisions about who to approach for certain positions.
    Please note that filling out the form is not a guarantee that you will get a position but it will definitely help your chances and help us in getting next campaign off to a good start. World at War relies upon players rising through the ranks and taking on the roles and responsibilities of officers, so we hope that this 9+ year old tradition can continue.

    Please PM to [WaW]TA|Sumer
    Last rank and position:
    Last CO: whoever your last direct superior officer was
    WaW Campaign History:
    Other Tournament Campaign History:
    Previous Ranks:
    Time Zone: European, North/South American, Other (specify)
    Ranks willing to hold: Divisional Staff, Captain, Lieutenant
    Company level unit type: Infantry, armor, air force
    Misc Notes: Anything else you want to tell the generals about. Your motivation, what you want to achieve as an officer, how much time you can commit, etc.

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    Re: WaW 27 - Interested in being an officer?

    Just wanted to bump this thread, we really need more officer applications please.

    Also any mappers willing to help out for camp 27 please PM me, and anyone who is willing to learn the basics of the editor I can help you get started.

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