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    News from the front WaW XXVI: Battle #4 October 27th 2012 Biazza Ridge

    The 1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division (F|H) takes on the 72nd Maori Armoured Division

    - The opposing forces will fight a land and air battle at Biazza Ridge in Sicily.
    - The Allies are defending on the map fh2t biazza ridge.
    - The battle is worth 165 VP, (110 Round VP, 55 Ticket VP).
    - See FH2T Map announcement at Biazza Ridge – FH2T Map of the Week

    The score and live battle can be viewed on BF2Spectator!

    Punkbuster MD5 Checks are running on the server.
    If you have been kicked for a mismatch you probably have a wrong version of the map or modified FH2 files.
    You can download clean versions of the main FH2 files from this link:
    Replace the files in your FH2 folder with the clean version of the file that got you kicked.

    Special note to new players:
    Please make sure you follow these rules and have a good time!
    Please make sure you've signed up in the divisional sign up thread for your division.
    Join us on TeamSpeak and we'll get you set up ASAP to join in the battle.

    Officers, try and get rotations done often and get the new players into the game as fast as possible.

    Hop on TeamSpeak well before the battle starts so you can be given TS rights and are able to join your division's channels.
    You must join the TeamSpeak server before joining the battle.
    Before joining the battle, report to the waiting room of your company and join only after permission is given.
    Chain of command is in effect during the battles. Orders should always be followed.
    Using all-chat (public-chat) in-game during live rounds is strictly prohibited. Use team-chat instead.
    Only play for the team you are assigned to.
    You must wear the correct tags in-game and on TeamSpeak.
    Make sure you have the newest version of the map.

    If you have any questions please report to the "Require Assistance" TS Channel at the top of TeamSpeak and we'll help you ASAP or ask your company mates.

    Please Post Scores
    HTML Code:
    [b][color=red]Axis[/color] --- [color=blue]Allies[/color][/b]
    [b][color=red]0[/color] --- [color=blue]0[/color][/b]
    [b][color=red]0[/color] --- [color=blue]0[/color][/b][/center]
    Score updates and scoreboard screenshots (when server crash occurs) are needed.
    Please just copy/paste the above format when posting the score update.
    The scores are to be the final ticket scores, except for the last line which is total number of rounds won.
    For example, results after a third round might look like this:

    It would be great if a final score is posted directly after the battle ending.
    This would make the posting of the results more expedient the next day. Thanks.
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