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    Lightbulb A video history of World at War

    WorldatWarTournament Youtube Channel:

    Full WaW Playlist:

    I realised I still have a great number of old WaW videos saved and it's about time they were made public.
    Many of you weren't here in the early days with BF1942 and FH1 but these movies should still be quite enjoyable.

    It's quite amazing how long the tournament has been going and how the community has kept changing over the years.
    We look back on quite a diverse history since WaW began at the end of 2002.

    We've been based on 3 different games: BF1942 vanilla, Forgotten Hope 1, Forgotten Hope 2
    Pretty interesting looking back at the graphics and gameplay of those old games we've almost forgotten.

    We begin with 2 videos from WaW Campaign 1, yes the very first.
    As we go along I'll post videos from the later campaigns, following the WaW timeline.

    Enjoy & feel free to comment!

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