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    WaW Public Server Rules

    WaW Public Server Rules

    Welcome to the World at War Public Servers

    Here you will find the rules for our servers that are valid when it is in public play mode.

    What WaW is:
    World at War is a tournament-style campaign. We have Post Scriptum, Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm and Forgotten Hope 2 servers. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, World at War players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic WW2 environments and strategy.
    We use at least one of our public servers as our battle server on battle days. Only signed-up WaW members will be able to participate.

    Our public servers are for serious play unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you want to mess around, start a local game on your PC.
    The WaW Public servers encourage Teamwork!

    Key rules:
    No smacktard behaviour.
    No teamkilling or team injuring.
    No camping (in- and outside) of uncappable bases.
    No racist or homophobic remarks or abuse to other players.

    Smacktard (acting like an idiot) behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated!

    Your player name:
    Names that are offensive to certain groups of people or names that entice people into arguments about religion and/or politics are not allowed.
    Names cannot be blank, or shorter than 2 characters in length.
    Names that purposely use punctuation to deceive people such as .. or , , , are not allowed.

    Saying sexually explicit, racist or homophobic remarks are strictly forbidden while on our servers. This rule applies to your in-game name. This is strictly enforced and any attempts to bypass it by “purposely” misspelling racist and/or other words not allowed, are still in violation of this rule.

    Entering an uncapturable enemy base for any reason is forbidden, and will result in a warn/kick if its seen.
    Camping an enemy main base (uncappable), from inside or out is not allowed. Plane and Arty attacks are allowed.
    You may not kill players immediately as they spawn at an uncappable base.

    Killing members of your own team beyond what may be deemed honest accidents or the result of fog of war.
    Intentional Teamkilling for any reason is forbbiden. Accidental Tks should be apologized for.
    The intentional attack of teammates or intentional destruction of any friendly vehicle, except in case where you wish to keep the enemy from capturing them, is forbidden.

    Taxiing to vehicles:
    Using vehicles for the sole purpose of driving to another vehicle.

    Random acts of idiocy including without limitation:
    throwing grenades at teammates, shooting planes which team members are entering, team killing for a vehicle, bombing your own spawn point repeatedly, parking a vehicle in front of plane or repeatedly taxing to planes, destroying your teams vehicles, etc. are forbidden

    Abusing friendly vehicles:
    Deliberately stealing a vehicle in use by a teammate whether or not they are in it at the time is forbidden.
    Firing at or sabotaging a friendly vehicle because you did not get there first is forbidden.

    Player conduct:
    Racist or homophobic remarks are not allowed in any way, shape or form.
    Harassing a player is forbidden.
    Do not idle on the servers for more than 5 minutes.

    Glitching, bug exploitation, cheating, aim bots, speed hacks, wall hacks or other trainers are forbidden. PunkBuster is enabled!

    Impersonation of any member of WaW (players & admins) is forbidden.

    When on the WaW public servers you are expected to listen to your teammates and work as a team. The following tactics are frowned upon:

    'Stranding teammates': by taking a multi-person vehicle by yourself when others could use it as well (such as taking a landing craft and leaving your teammates behind).

    Violation of Rules:
    It is your responsibility to know and follow the rules. If you are unsure, leave the game and read up on the rules.
    Proof of violations must be rendered in either screenshots or witnesses when reporting them to an admin. Continued accusations without proof is forbidden.[/list]

    If you think you may have been engaging in one of the above activities when you were kicked, please do not take personal offense. Just start up your game and join in again, but make sure to follow the rules.

    If you still do not know why you were kicked or banned, you can create a post in our forum thread about it or PM the respective admin that kicked or banned you.

    You are responsible for whoever plays on your computer. This means that if your friend gets you banned while playing, we will not lift that ban. It is your obligation to make sure whoever plays on WaW servers using your computer, will play by the rules. No exceptions will be made.

    Post Scriptum Server Settings:

    WaW's servers are:

    WORLD AT WAR'S Tournament Server
    WORLD AT WAR'S Tournament Server 2

    Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm Server Settings:

    IP Address:
    At default port of 7777.

    There are too many settings to list all of them, but the installation defaults are set for most. Settings are subject to change during a campaign battle day or special events.

    Realism Mode: Realism
    MP Campaign Active: Yes
    Player Limit: 64
    Spectator Limit: 2
    Time Limit[sec]: 2100

    VAC anti-cheat system enabled.
    PunkBuster anti-cheat system enabled.

    FH2 Server Settings:

    IP Address:
    At default port of 16567.

    Settings are subject to change during a campaign battle day or special events.

    Rounds Per Level: 1
    Round Time Limit [min]: 70
    Round Score Limit: 0
    Player Limit: 64
    Ticket Ratio: 165 %
    Spawn Time [sec]: 15
    Man Down Time [sec]: 1
    Start Delay [sec]: 60
    End Delay [sec]: 15
    Map Restart Delay [sec]: 30

    Friendly Fire: 100% in all categories

    All Voting disabled
    External Views Enabled
    Nosecam Enabled

    PunkBuster anti-cheat system enabled.

    PunksBusted Master Ban List used.

    World at War utilizes the PunksBusted Auto-Master Ban List System. If you are hacking on a streaming server you will also be banned from the World at War public server as well as the battle server.

    Please see the PsB website ( if you wish to appeal a ban.

    World at War also intends to stream to PBBans.

    For any comments or questions, please PM a WaW TA.
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