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    Exclamation *suggestion for FH2 threads*

    Can we merge all important files, downloads, and information regarding FH2/getting it up and running into one post/thread that's stickyed, rather than the eight threads that I count in this forum? No, I am not exaggertaing--there's 8 threads, ranging from "WaW 15" to "Client download" to "FH2: Tooltime: parts 1-7,000", and I am incredibly confused by these bittorrents, erroneous and useless threads and posts, and I"m sure I'm not the only person who thinks a nice, streamlined, admin-post-only, "You need this and this to play, here's where you get the files, here's a link to X thread to answer Y questions" type thread could come in handy.

    That, or it'll be about a month before I read through the 17 pages of each of the respective 8 threads to find out the files I need, etc. All I'm looking for is a direct filefront (or equivalent) download method if it exists, rather than this "torrent' stuff, which doesn't work too well with my ISP. And a nice, easy explanation of what needs to go where (since I"m technologically incompetent) detailed out by the mods, rather than the new guys going "OMFGWTFBBQORZ FH2 IS RELEASTED!! IT IS AMAZING!! YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE (without it) MAKE YOUR TIME!!" type posts.

    So, maybe an idea to follow through on by the admins, for those of us whose lives don't permit wading through roughly 100 pages of spammish posts (rather than detailed, to-the-point instructions all in one thread), and/or those of us who are seriously technologically challanged beyond the "put disk in slot, let the installer do it's thing" type deal.

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    I think the forums need a big overhaul (content-wise) to facilitate the new FH2 tournament.

    @Eightball: Check the fh mod site, there is another new update (the one from yesterday) with a whole bunch of direct links.

    The file you want is under 'full downloads' Just scroll down a bit.

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