Cleaned up some old victory pictures from the Ostfront figured I post them here since I'm currently Allied.

The front started with an allied attack on Uman (Nuenen)

March 3rd

With grit and grime the the Axis infantry won the day but many rounds were a close thing.

The attack was announced on Novgorod (Bizory Farm)

March 10th

The Axis made the heavens shake and broke the groud benieth the allies feet with the heaviest artillery loadout in World at War history.

The Axis won and continued the attack by next attacking the Capital Moscow (Valirisk)

March 17th

The Axis captured Moscow however thanks to some hard fought rounds at the end of the day the Axis lost attack initiative, passing the attack to the allies.

The allies began their attack on Odessa (Eastern Blitz)
March 24th

The allies immediately began getting back some of their own and won a crushing victory in Eastern Blitz, the Axis air bridge into the city gamble had failed. The Allies won the day easily and announced their next attack on Romania (Kaukasus)

March 31st

The battle went back and forth all day long but the allies won the final set of rounds and retained the attack initiative. They chose to launch their attack on Lublin (Breakthrough 1944 Winter)

April 7th

The allies were highly surprised when their attack force ran right into the face of the better part of two Panzer Divisions and their attacks were crushed. For the first time in a long while the Axis army enjoy numerical superiority.

The Axis wasted no time and launched final attack of the theater. The final battle was set for Kiev (Tundra II)
April 14th

The largest tank battle in the second world war occurred here in Tundra. Over thirty tanks clashed in a area less than five square miles in size. At the end of the day however the superior Axis armor won out.

And that was the Ostfront, I'm still digging through FRAPS for any more decent screenshots.