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    Wed Scrim: Maps, IP, and Password!!! GET IN THE FIGHT (old)

    Alrighty lads, here are the 4 maps for THIS wednsday's scrim! A City Divided, Sealion, and Fall of Berlin are complete maps. Bocage is just a small patch. Throw it in your levels folder like any other map. Afterwards, if you want to play regular Bocage, you can just remove the patch from the levels folder and it will work fine.

    After the scrim, I will open a discussion thread for each map in the Mapping Forum for you to post your opinions and comments about these maps. Each of these are maps that we are looking to use in the campaign.

    So, download them now, take a look see, and hope to see you guys on Wednsday!!!

    Oh yea. The IP and Password for the server.

    IP: *closed*
    IP: *open*
    password: meatwad

    Note: this server is also out server that we keep pubbed on non-battle days. So feel free to get on it and play with the rest of the WAW troopers and have some fun. Also, if you have not done so already, download and install TeamSpeak ASAP! And get in our TS server before the Wed scrim. And make sure you turn Voice Activation Off

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