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    Greetingsand salutations to all!

    Greetings one and all. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the_420creeper. You can call me Creeper for short if you want. I'm a virgin in WAW, but as any virgin would be, I'm looking quite forward to this crazy conflict we are all about to become a part of. I think its fantastic that a group of people has banded together to make this possible. I don't know what will happen during the course of the war, I only hope that the Creeper is able to return home in time to turn off the stove he left on before he departed for the theater of operations. Again, let me say, thanks to all the fellas who are making this monumental event a reality and to all of the fellow BF1942er's for taking part in this forthcoming venture.

    Now, which side am I on?

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    Well, it depends, when you signed up there should be a little note that says which division your in,

    If you got:

    Allied 22nd Division (The 22nd Royal Navy Battle Group
    ) Your allied

    Axis 23rd Division ( 23. Armee Gruppe "BÄR" ) Your Axis

    If you got nothing then its a bug which will be fixed soon.

    Go to the Announcments thread and there is a support thread there along with one in the Support Thread.

    Have fun with your stay at BFE

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