• World at War - Welcome!

    Lock and Load for Campaign XXXII!!!

    World at War is a team vs team tournament using the Post Scriptum game, starting it's 32nd Campaign. Two divisions battle it out every Saturday on a different map each week. The battles involve 80 players with 40 players per division. The divisions are organized as a military structure led by a general all the way down to privates. This command structure makes sure that everyone is playing in an organized team. Start as a private and work your way up the ranks. Teamwork and coordination are paramount, TeamSpeak 3 is used to coordinate everything. Everyone is welcome to join up for free!

  • FH2 Update to 2.53

    New Country, New Maps, New Equipment

    The plan is for release this Friday 25 May 2018. It will be running on the WaW FH2 Server. The CMP running there will be replaced with the new FH2 release. The FH2 Launcher should be how you download the update.

    Go to Forgotten Hope - News for the latest details.
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  • Teamspeak 3