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    by Published on 11-29-2016 01:51 AM
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    [IMG]http://www.bfewaw.com/gfx/Fancypants/IFA3Event/newannouncement.jpg[/IMG] ...
    Published on 05-15-2016 10:32 PM

    What World at War is and how it is a valuable online presence.

    All work is volunteer; the only reward is the happiness in contributing to WaW and the world community. We run a dedicated server. We do not use hosting by a third party like done by many tournaments. WaW has complete control over the box which is in a Tier 4 Data Center, (the best rating up-time). It is high performance and can host many different gaming platforms simultaneously. It connects into several Tier 1 Network providers, (Tier 1 are directly connected to the Internet backbone). The trans-Atlantic connectors to Europe are nearby. As such, network access with Europe is very good as well as to all of North America.

    WaW started its first campaign in 2002 with people from a Day of Defeat tournament. Originally, World at War was part of the Battle for Europe gaming group, (BFE). WaW started with Battlefield 1942 and then moved to the Battlefield 1942 mod Forgotten Hope. WaW has been a major impact by spinning off other gaming groups with WaW leadership getting them started: 21CW based on the Desert Combat Mod and BFE:COD based on the original Call of Duty.

    The last game platform move was to the Battlefield 2 mod Forgotten Hope 2; it started with Campaign 15. We have run some special mini-campaigns with Project Reality and Red Orchestra Two / Rising Storm. Other game servers that have been operated are ARMA III, IFA3 (Iron Front coded for ARMA III), Squad, Life Is Feudal, Rust, and ARK.

    WaW has played over 30 campaigns. WaW members have been contributors to the overall gaming community by developing custom maps, conversions, modifications, and models. The latest contribution is to a community map pack for the FH2 gaming platform which includes Japanese soldiers and equipment, functional big ships, and Pacific theatre maps. The WaW server runs tools used to support the developments.

    Please contribute today. Work on new activity has just started; no dates yet. It should include many of the things with which we have become familiar when gaming at WaW. Teamplay, squad level play with your friends, and tactical communications. All in an immersive environment of infantry engagements, air forces, action on the high seas, and close combat.

    Thank you to all who have contributed and those who plan to contribute to keep the WaW servers running!

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    by Published on 04-13-2015 05:51 AM
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    Pacific Mini-Campaign, WaW 31 Battle #5


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