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02-04-2018, 07:22 PM
So with arma3 you can create a "unit", it has clan tags and I think maybe in game armbands, etc. I'll set it up but I wanted feedback on some of the info

Unit Name:
Unit Clan Tag (2-10 char.)
Unit profile URL: (units.arma3.com/unit/)
Short description: (125-250 char.
Unit Biography (125-3000 char.)

02-05-2018, 10:10 PM
I don't know if you put WWII or ARMA3 first then WAW. I'm guessing if would have to be ARMA3 then WAW then WWII. <-- that is for how to do the name, the exact name I don't know.

Tags? I don't know what they want with that but if its like tags I've seen on forums. WWII, WAW.

Description? A decision would have to be made about what the modes that will be played. The other stuff I don't know.

Well since its just starting how much of a biography could it have.

02-06-2018, 07:21 AM
Just put it like this:

Unit Name: World at War
Unit Clan Tag (2-10 char.) WaW
Unit profile URL: units.arma3.com/unit/WaW (or something along those lines)
Short description: World at War Arma 3 unit/branch/something
Unit Biography: *Some bullsh*t about what we do, why we do it and that we love ArmA*

The thing about the unit page is that most people won't/don't give a sh*t about it, it's just something to give you tags in-game and such. Also it will display your units logo on your shoulder if the uniform you are wearing permits it.

02-07-2018, 01:33 AM
I need some graphics, namely the WaW logo file for the armband patch. 512x512 minimum and 300kb max .png file

also something called a profile header picture, 1920x400 exact, 300kb max jpeg file. My guess its like the header at the top of this webpage

02-07-2018, 04:52 AM
I mean, it does state it's the profile header picture so, yeah. Is it really required?
I need to look into this again, because the unit I'm in has a units page but as far as I know, there was no need for a special header picture, just the logo.

I'll ask the guy who made it, whenever he's on.

02-09-2018, 01:25 AM
Valhallas, I just saw the logo question; dumb-luck I stumbled on this question about graphics. I missed seeing the thread; sorry.

Here are pics of the plain WaW logo. Both pics have the same size WaW eagle. First is tightly cropped at 292x142 pixels size; second is on a square canvas of 292x292 pixels. Both are png with an alpha level for transparency.



Not sure about size. Do you want the logo to be larger? I can expand them if you want, but might get fuzzy.

02-09-2018, 11:26 AM
I think they need to be a minimum of 512x512. This is for a patch that goes in your characters arm in game so it will probably get smushed down in size when it is applied.

02-09-2018, 11:28 AM
And maybe if you are messing with it, expand the orange "WAW', even at the expense of the fully spelled out "world at war"

02-10-2018, 10:06 AM
Well, the guy who made the other unit's unit page told me you don't need anything extra to just make the unit page, then again, he has had the tendency to be full of ****.

Didn't get anything useful out of him to be honest, just do what you have to do with it.

02-10-2018, 01:54 PM
I think i just need the armband graphic and I'm good to go