View Full Version : Bridging kit building them, destroy and repair.

01-31-2018, 09:13 PM

I tried to find a way to build and kind of destroy/repair bridges. You can't actually blow up the bridge parts but you can move them (destroy the bridge) after unhiding (building the bridge) them. You can also replace the moved part (repair the bridge) when using the repair truck. All of this is a pain to set up the way I've done it but now that it is done I can just save it all to custom compositions. So can you if you like what I've done here. Save the bridge, the show/ hide modules and triggers that cause it to be built, destroyed and repaired altogether. When you put the bridge somewhere else or on another map you will have to line the bridge pieces up again in the editor. You may have to add pieces or take out pieces. You will have to connect new pieces to the show/hide modules. 2 sets of triggers and show/hides build the bridge in 2 parts at different times. I've added some instructions to the map with markers. You save the stuff that setups up the build/repair/destroy vehicles in another composition. Remember those vehicles have to have variable names and those names must be in the triggers that set off what they accomplish.

02-01-2018, 08:08 PM
Ok fixed a way to blow the bridges up, it is the bridge to the north on the map. You actually blow up ammo boxes which are hooked by trigger to bridge pieces. When the ammo box is gone so is the bridge piece. Need something tougher than an ammo box that the game pays attention to. Need to line up the bridge repair parts better but if you use this you are going to have to line them up yourself anyway so this is usable as is both ways it is done on this map. I will make the repair a 2 part repair later cause that will work better just like the two different triggers in different places I used to build the north bridge in 2 phases works better.

02-20-2018, 04:37 AM
I was attaching ammo boxes to the bridges but have found the small signs work better. Ammo box will sometimes fall off the bridge if you drive by it too fast while the sign so far has not, plus its actually harder to knock off the bridge with a bomb, sometimes taking 2 of them..

Yeah I figured you could knock it off by driving on it but thats why the rocks are there on the edge of the bridge with it. I tried it and the rocks do an ok job, and driving between them to do it didn't work very well either.

Gonna go with show hide I think on all of this.