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05-31-2013, 12:44 AM
Origins 1.7.5 : Tribes
Coming Soon

Welcome to one of the largest Origins updates since 1.0 release, Origins 1.7.5 is an incremental update for Origins 1.8
We are also proud to announce that in less than 3 month Origins reached over 520,000 Player base.

1.8 has evolved to be massive update with loads of new features and new gameplay mechanics and we had to divide it down into incremental releases to insure stability, proper bug fixing and to insure that the transition to 1.8 is smooth unlike what we have done during (1.7) then releasing 1.7.1 a week after to fix the critical bugs of 1.7 - yes we learn from our mistakes:)


1.7.5 Features

- Improved back end and cloud synchronization allowing us to move the final platform of origins 2.0

- New Origins interface 1.7.5


Note : 1.7.5 is an incremental interface ( more to come )for a complete revamp of Origins interface, Menus and player inventory - 1.8

- Improved day and night Cycle, better transition. more moonlight nights. 1.7.5

- New vehicles that can be fully reinforced 1.7.5

- We are happy to introduce totally new gameplay experience to Origins including :

Origins Stories / Survivors – Skill Tree – startup items ( 1.7.5 / 1.8 )


Choose your Character: (1.7.5)

As a fresh spawn you will have the chance to select your Survivor:

Attention: Take your time in selecting your character and its story. Based on your character story and previous life experience and hobbies, it will determine your start up items as fresh spawn and your base skill tree.


Start-up Gear / skill tree (1.8)

We are taking this feature very seriously and making it totally balanced for all survivors’ stories, each players will be able to shape the destiny of his chosen survivor with full freedom with no restrictions.

Example background story of Dimitri , based on his experience and his life before the apocalypse, Dimitri will be spawn as a civilian survivor ( no weapons or makarove pistol ) with small backpack and an additional morphine, blood bag and couple more bandages.

As default Dimitri is more of skilful doctor other than the rest of survivors however Dimitri will be able to master and level other skills other than the startup medic skills.

No we don’t want to see survivors divided into medic , engineer , soldier etc etc... Survivors start with slightly improved skill set in one area (depending on their life experience) and different start up items

There are 6 core skills distributed between all survivors ( to be fully revealed in 1.8 ), survivors daily activities and special activities will allow them to focus on one skill or parallel slower level all skills.

NOTE: The skill tree system will never give any health or running speed advantages over new survivors.

NOTE : If you die and choose different survivor( Veronica for example ) , you will lose all your skills and start fresh with the new character you selected. Unless you revert back to Dimiti.

Conclusion: You will have persistent different skills and levels for each individual available survivor but you lose all your gear when you die + % of level and skill loss with each death.

Important notes:

During 1.7.5 there will be no players Character wipes however, occasionally during 1.7.5 you might experience some un-consistent hero/bandit outfits changes when you level up. During release of 1.8 all survivors will be wiped (Character Gear only not server wipe) in preparation to deploy the new consistent levelling and skill tree for each survivor character and the skill system. A public announcement will be issued 24-72 hours prior to release so survivors can store their equipment in their houses or strongholds to avoid losing anything.

Strongholds / Tribes and clans system (1.7.5)


We are happy to introduce the new and innovative new features of tribes/clans ( and we have more in store for 1.9 – this is not the end game yet) ;)

Survivor made strongholds are is yet another attempt to encourage more team play, strongholds are also the only way to form a clan / tribe or groups in game, Clan leaders and add/remove tribe members ( any level or any side of bandits and heroes ) ( 1.7.5 )

Strongholds is a team based building it is consistent of 40 stages and different upgrades – also once the stronghold is built – you can choose which upgrades you build or not – all clan members are able to access the stronghold with the security code. (1.7.5 / 1.8 )

Important Notes:

Only Clan leader must be level 3 with level 3 house (hero or bandit) – once the clan leader / tribe leader starts a clan stronghold he/she along with anyone who joins the clan will lose their level 1 house after server restart. Tribe members will only be able to build lvl 2 and 3 houses if they have proper level and they are part of a clan. ( 1.7.5 )


Clan Leader must have at least 4 members to start building stronghold. ( 1.7.5 )

Stronghold blueprint is required – Only found in Salvation City. ( 1.7.5 )

Clan leaders will be able to add/kick any clan members any time. ( 1.7.5 )

Clan members can resign/leave the clan at any time. ( 1.7.5 )

If the clan is reduced to less than 4 members – the stronghold will be destroyed the second day.

If the “entire” clan remains inactive for more than 15 days – the stronghold will be destroyed.

Stronghold upgrades ( 1.7.5 )

Once your clan completed ( 23 stages including 1st , 2nd and 3rd floor ”towers” ), you will be able to choose which buildings . space used upgrades , decided by tribe/ clan leader. (1.7.5)

Visit Stronghold tutorial for building resources and materials required for each stage/upgrade

Water Well: used for collecting water.

Church: you can build a church in the stronghold (1.7.5) used to redeem your soul (Pray for salvation or Curse the apocalypse to gain or lose 500 Humanity – can be used only once every 24 hours.(1.8)

Amory: used to store only weapons and ammo (1.7.5) , used to create/customize survivor made weapons (1.8)

Clan sleeping quarters : For clan members to sleep and restore health ( 1.7.5 )

Kitchen: used for cooking food ( 1.8 )

Clan Clinic : For storing blood, morphine, painkillers and antibiotics ( 1.7.5 ) , produces small amount of medical supplies over time ( 1.8 )

Garage Upgrade 1: Extend Garage – for more space ( 1.7.5 )

Garage Upgrade 2: Workshop used to repair damaged engine parts, helicopter parts below 50 % - only survivors with mechanic skills can use. (1.8)

Farm : use to raise animals and produce raw meat( 1.8 )

Safe store room: used to lock value items and weapons (1.7.5)

Gate maintenance : The stronghold uses batteries and fuel and engine to function, unsure to refill the gate with fuel every now and then. If stronghold gate is out of fuel, it will no longer open unless you use JerryCan to refill. (1.7.5)

Salvation City(1.7.5)


Salvation city (Sector B) has always been a focus point in every update. Each time players complain that it became hard in the first few weeks of the release, then after all the weak points are discovered, players guides and videos reveal its secrets..it becomes too easy ;)

In 1.7.5 Soldiers are now smarter than before.. With every server restart they randomly hide and guard different locations, call for reinforcement and backup from surrounding guards.

Salvation army raids to the main land resulted in better equipment with the guards, units are all now fully equipped with NV.

Any leftover boats or helicopters in sector B will be destroyed after server restart.

Scout helicopters are on the watch to alert the guards for any intruders.

Mayor George is now surrounded with better trained guards.

Guards will no longer drop loot when killed.

Urals reduced to 2 Urals, one is located in fixed location and 2nd randomly spawn in different locations with every serve restart.

Urals will now include better rare weapons but with random spawn chance, every time you visit salvation city, the Urals will include different loot.

Hurry Post your personal / clan avatars to become one of the founding clans here (http://www.gamersplatoon.com/forums/showthread.php?9435-Origins-1-8-Announcement-Roadmap-and-more)

All 1.8 features included and listed here in 1.7.5 Represent 50 % only of the full release of 1.8

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05-31-2013, 11:52 AM
Wow, that is looking awsome!

06-07-2013, 03:09 AM
Basically we need to stock up on weapons from the Urals ASAP. PKP's especially.