View Full Version : Article: WaW24 Rematch #1 (COMPLETED)

01-21-2012, 11:27 AM
Well, the 1st battle of the Campaign 24 Rematch starts this Saturday 21 January 2012.
We hope you can make it to battle. Any new players are welcome to join in. Just logi nto our TS3 server.

Here is some of the latest information for the battle. For the latest news on this, go to the forum by going to the following link:

Battle Day is Saturday 21 January 2012
Battle Starts 1PM EST, (1800 GMT).
Map is Mount Olympus
Map link is: http://bfewaw.com/maps/WaW24/Battle_Maps/old/waw_24_mount_olympusV6.rar
WaW Minimod is version 0.41, (the latest official release we played for most of Camp 24)
WaW Minimod link is: http://bfewaw.com/maps/WaW_Minimod/waw_minimod_0.41.exe