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07-27-2007, 07:03 PM
If I recall correctly, if the motherboard is toast and can not be replaced with the same style of motherboard then there is no chance that the system will boot correctly with a different replacement mobo, right? As in, the replacement is from a different manufacturer or has different drivers, etc... I just want my system to fire up so I can notate some info such as all my TS ip's etc... Maybe save my bf2 profile or something.... Whatcha think?

07-27-2007, 07:14 PM
If all you want is the data why not just pull the HD and plug it in another computer as a secondary drive?

66S|Pv Ritter
07-27-2007, 10:40 PM
There's a good chance it would work if you use it as the primary HD in a different computer. It *should* let you install all the new hardware and stuff (it will probably treat everything as new hardware). I'm not sure it would be the most efficient way of doing it. I always recommend doing a format if you have any major hardware changes...especially a motherboard change (particularly if it's a different brand or updated model). Refaim is right, though, if you have another hard drive that you can format and do a fresh install, make that your primary drive and then slap in the current HD as a secondary drive to access all your stuff. Install your old software (BF2 and so on) and then just copy/paste your BF2 profile in the right folder and all that. You might be able to just install over the current installation of BF2 on the secondary drive, but I'd copy the profile stuff to be safe. Remember to set the old drive as a slave drive or set as cable select with the jumpers if you do it that way...it's probably set to master right now. There's usually some marking on the HD, itself, that tells you what pins the jumper (little plastic things that cover up two pins) has to be on for slave drive mode. Put the main HD on the farthest end of the cable (two connectors on the IDE cable should be closer together on one end than a third one that's farther away..those two connectors are the ones for the hard drives/whatever and the other end plugs into the motherboard) and the secondary drive (your old primary) at the other connector (it's usually gray and the main HD one is usually black if you're using standard IDE cables). Let's see...make sure the new main drive is set to master. That should get your HD stuff squared away. Sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know, but I figure more info is better than less.

07-28-2007, 11:01 AM
Although I knew all of that already, if I didn't that would have been exactly what I would of needed to read. Well done. :-) What I wasn't sure of (and have never done thus far) was replace a mobo without doing a reinstall. I wasn't sure if the pc would boot or not but my schooling up to this point would tell me that it would not fire up without some hardcore software knowledge. Thank you very much! I guess its time to pick up another harddrive. I hope their on sale! lol

APC is shipping me a free UPS and I will ship back my old one. If it fails some test of theirs then they will pay for my computer to get fixed. I'm thinking it's upgrade time if they will pay it. hehehe Doubt it though...

66S|Pv Ritter
07-28-2007, 03:02 PM
From experience, one of the best times to shop for hard drives is the day after Thanksgiving sale (in the US anyway lol). Several years ago, I got a 160 gb HD for like 30 bucks...I wound up getting two of them. Sadly, the mail-in rebate was only returned for one of the drives because I was dumb and didn't try to get separate receipts for the drives (huge line). The funny thing was, everybody was waiting in this huge line just for an X-box or PS2 or whatever the console was and had no idea about the HD's.

Since you probably don't want to wait until Thanksgiving, here are some sites I look at before I make any purchases for computer type stuff (or really, any major purchases...most of those sites have all kinds of things listed. Heck, I saw one for a free root beer float at Sonic's not long ago lol).





They have coupon codes or rebates and basically give you the low down on the cheapest prices...often ones that aren't advertised. Obviously, if buying online and not necessarily going for the cheapest you can get, go Newegg.

07-28-2007, 06:34 PM
Yeah I picked up an 80gig for $20 the day after TG. I'll surf for a bit until I see a good deal. Danke.