View Full Version : [Fixed] big, annoying, black vertical bars on my widescreen monitor

07-20-2007, 11:41 PM
this only seems to be happening in 3d games/apps (such as battlefield), but i'm getting 2 inch wide vertical bars on each side of my monitor.....essentially making it not so widescreen.

and if i choose a resolution of 1200x900 or more then a good part of the game gets cut off behind the vertical bars.

might it have anything to do with the fact that i recently installed omega drivers for my vid card...and overclocked it?
i guess that seems to be the only logical reason, but i dont want to roll back to the stock drivers because i was starting to have worse problems, such as my FPS not going above 10 in any game, when i normally get 90-100 in bf42.

so any suggestions?

edit: i found that by installing new drivers it rolled back monitor settings (seperate fom vid card settings) to that of standard compatibility instead of factory default. i had to change a setting to tell the monitor to expand to full screen regardless of aspect ratio being used.

oh, and i overclocked the memory and core clock by 100mhz each (with manual turn on, so it isnt always running), might that be dangerous on a laptop?.... i do have four fairly large internal fans though.