View Full Version : BF2 Installation Problem

01-22-2007, 10:54 AM
This is prob an easy one to answer ;)

I tried installing BF2, not to play it (bf2 suxxorz) but to learn mapping on the crazy new editor. I start installing, all goes well, but then I get a strange error: "MD5Error: C:\Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Objects_client.zip, Retry?" with an option of either Yes or No. I chose yes, and it started to extract it again, and the same error pooped up. So I retried a few times, then clicked no, and it carried on installing everything else just fine. Next strange thing was the microphone config, which crashed after I clicked save. Then eareg.exe crashed without starting.

Now I tried to patch it, but the patch said it couldn't find BF2 installed on the system.

So I copy-pasted the contents of the (lightly scratched, but not bruised, dvd) into c:\bf2dvd. Everything copied fine, no read errors from windows. Now I ran the installer again. this time, I got many MD5Error's, from various maps' client.zip's. As retrying didn't work, I just pressed no for all of them. Then I got the same Objects_client.zip error, pressed no, and the installer finished. Same thing with the mic settings & eareg.exe, both crashed. But this time the installer finished fine, making icons onto the desktop.

I patched it again, and it patched a bit, then gave a Patching Failed error, then said that the patching was succesful.

Clearly something is wrong, eh? I first thought it could be because of scrathes, but I've had worse and the discs have still worked. Also, windows would've given a read-error while copy-pasting, correct? I could try to loan my friends bf2 dvd (he keeps them more tidy than me...), or should I request a new dvd from ea?